Countertop Ceramic Water Dispenser
Countertop Ceramic Water Dispenser
Countertop Ceramic Water Dispenser - Dispenses Room Temperature Water

Countertop Ceramic Water Dispenser

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The Primo® Ceramic Crock Water Dispenser offers instant access to fresh, room-temperature water. The dispenser’s simple design provides enhanced durability, and its small size makes it easy to place anywhere. Primo’s Ceramic Crock Water Dispenser uses 3 or 5-gallon bottles, which reduce waste from single-serve bottles and filters. Perfect for use with great-tasting Primo water!

  • Coupons for Primo water included (*up to a $14.99 value) - redeemable at thousands of retail locations nationwide
  • No Electricity Required
  • Dishwasher Safe Ceramic Bowl
  • Wooden Stand Included

Product Dimensions (H x W x D): 16" x 10" x 10"

Product Manuals: English | Spanish

Our Primo countertop dispensers are not compatible with 5-gallon glass bottles. Due to the weight of the 5-gallons glass bottles being up to 56 pounds while our plastic 5-gallon is a little less at 45 pounds. Our primo countertop dispensers will fit the 2.5-gallon glass bottles as they are only 28 pounds. Modifications to the dispenser to make it fit will void the warranty.