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Bottom Loader

This Pro Series dispenser is great for high traffic office environments that require upgraded flexibility, features and construction. The 10-cup drip coffee module brews a great tasting pot of coffee by pulling water directly from the hidden bottle inside the dispenser.
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• Bottom loading eliminates lifting, flipping and spilling
• Custom 10-cup coffee brewer module included
• Single spout delivers fast-flowing, icy cold and piping hot water
• Silver plated spout inhibits bacteria/biofilm growth
• Touch sensitive controls easily dispense hot and cold water
• Precise electronic thermostats
• Our best 2.5 compressor cooling system
• Ultra-durable and sanitary stainless steel water probe
• Stainless steel cold tanks
• Child safety features
• LED nightlight
• Indicator lights for on, cooling, heating and replace bottle
• Energy saving on/off switches
• New stainless steel drip tray with full indicator
• UL certified and ENERGY STAR rated ¬– uses 25% less power than traditional dispensers
• Tank capacity - Cold: 51 fl. oz. and Hot: 96 fl. oz.
• 2-year mfr. limited warranty
• Assembled dimensions – 40.9" (H) x 12.2" (W) x 14.2" (D)

Caution: This device intended for dispensing water only. – Do not use other liquids. Unit is designed to use plastic 3 – 5 gallon plastic water bottles. – Do not use other containers such as metal, glass, or bottles that contain filters.

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